Wynn Free – Elohim, RA Group & Lift the Vibration of this Realm Free: The Elohim, the RA Group & are Lifting the Vibration of this Realm


Whole Planet Healing

You are invited.

Every day on a telephone conference line at 7pm Pacific, 8pm Mountain, 9pm Central, 10 pm Eastern, 2am GMT, 4am CET, 10am Hong Kong, 7:30am New Delhi [India]; 5am St. Petersburg [Russia]; 11pm Brazil [Rio]; 4am – Capetown [Good Hope]; 12Noon Brisbane [Australia]

Only 15 minutes long

Access Number: 1-712-770-4340 pin 250513

Replay number available 24/7 1-712-770-4009 pin 250513

This is not like anything else (that we know of) on the planet.

Miracles happen!

7-7:15pm Pacific … Sponsored by Intelligent Infinity in service to Planet Earth and it’s inhabitants

ACCESS NUMBER: 1-712-770-4340

pin 250513


Contact: Wynnfree at
View on YouTube


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