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SerialBrain2, 7-11-19… “The Explosive Message Trump Coded in his Speech on Independence Day” (this goes with the previous post)

[Kp note: two days ago, SB2 Reddit-mailed me and said he had replaced two of the decode images. These have been included below…



theredpill2016 7-9-19… “Finally White Hats Control Earth! Exciting Moment. Share Freely”

This is one of those posts where I cannot really ever hope to “prove” any of it. But it does align with what I sense, and with what Benjamin Fulford and others (e.g., David Wilcock) have posted about “planetary things”…


Twitter Thread from “Clandestine”, : 9… “Trump is the face of a faction within in the US military who has taken control from the corrupt politicians. That’s what you’re witnessing.”

This thread came to my attention from somewhere, and as I read through it, it connected very well with what we have been hearing all along, from people like Jerome Corsi, David Wilcock, Corey Goode, Michael Salla, et al. (this Kp blog post contains a summary of items about this)…


Edge of Wonder 4-26, 5-3, & 5-7-19… “Three Corey Goode interviews” (made in Hawaii)

Okay, these are three of the recent videos of Corey Goode being interviewed by Ben and Rob. I may put these up individually at some point, but “the Universe” has called me out for “doing some things” and I’m paying attention to that at the moment…


The Truth about Notre Dame may surprise you.

To know the truth about the Notre Dame fire, we first need to go through the cathedral’s history and understand the current political context in France. Don’t worry, it won’t be school-boring and you’ll get a cool free tour of Paris. Ready? Allons-y!..