Kryon – “Spiritual Common Sense”

This live channelling series was given in Ottawa, Ontario – April 16th of 2016.

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Traducción al español: Leonor Botero
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Seeing Hidden Truth Beyond Earth Limits

Journey As The Atma or Soul With Knowing Certainty
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After Watching This You Will Never Think The Same Way Again! (2018-2019)

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WORLDWIDE Mystery “Event” Just Happened… We Never Felt It.

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Kryon Explains How DNA Upgrades Will Allow You to Calculate Future Potentials

In this Channeling, Kryon speaks about the process of achieving a true meld with your Higher Self and explains how remarkable changes will being to unfold in your life. Kryon also speaks about how a higher functioning DNA will allow you to make calculated decisions based on prediction future potentials. This Channeling gives very specific information about how Humanity will evolve into the golden age and explains how Lightworkers will lead them there.

Kryon in Kansas City, Kansas 2013

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