Kryon – “Getting Connected”

This live channelling series was given in Portland, Maine and Columbus, Ohio – April 9-10th of 2016.

00:00 Part 1 Mini (Maine)
09:17 Part 1 Main (Maine)
40:00 Part 2 Mini (Ohio)
53:34 Part 2 Main (Ohio)

A New Kind of Connection
A “Wo” Example
Advice For Parents who have a “WO”
Will You Allow Your Akash to Bring Things Forward?

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Traducción al español: Leonor Botero
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Everything Is About To Change After Watching This…! (2018-2019)

Enshrouded In Secrecy! Deep Space only on Gaia From the moment the real space race began, it was enshrouded with secrecy and disinformation. Reports of extraterrestrial beings on Earth, suppressed advanced technologies and expansive government cover-ups are making their way into mass consciousness. But we have all been denied the whole story by those who would benefit from our continuing ignorance. It is up to you to evaluate the evidence and decide where you stand on the question of humanity’s presence in Deep Space.

Ancient Civilizations Where is the Garden of Eden’s true location? Researchers believe 20,000 newly excavated Sumerian tablets finally show the true location of the Garden of EdenGo beyond the surface-level myths to take a deeper look at our origin story. Journey from Eden and the Gnostic Garden to the Pyramids and the Tower of Babel., the First Man – Does the ancient Sumerian word “Adam” hold clues to the relationship between early humans and the Sumerian gods? Decide for yourself!

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Kryon Prepares Lightworkers to Shift Into a Quantum Reality

In this Channeling Kryon speaks about stepping into your Mastery, and understanding that you have complete control over the reality you exist in. Kryon explains the system that makes it possible for the abilities displayed by the Masters to be developed by anyone who remembers who they truly are, and where they come from.


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SPECIAL As You Wish Talk Radio – Saturday 11/17/2018 (Audio Only)

As You Wish Talk Radio 8pm PST Saturdays.

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