CAS LIVE Sarasota Part 2 Cosmic Wisdom With Sharon Elizabeth James

This is Part 2
Part 1 is here:

In5d’s Cosmic Awakening Show host Michelle Walling interviews Rev. Sharon -Elizabeth James LIVE from the Cosmic Center of Spiritual Light in Sarasota, Florida. In5d has joined Sharon- Elizabeth in an effort to unite community in Sarasota, FL and around the world.

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Bases Update Beware War Bots Aug 2017

After the Area 51 insider called in for Bases 74, this headline the next day was one of alarming warnings by 116 specialists warning of Human Extinction if War Bots…warfare armed Cyborgs and Robots are developed. As we have tracked this is ACTUAL and the Real case in this world right NOW, this fast blast focuses on this Warning in the Daily Star.
Is ANYONE paying ANY Attention.

Donations urgently required for Bases,

Two conference mentions, Bases Ireland Awakens (Sept 15th -18th, Talbot Hotel Dublin, see for tickets, and site for details) and the up coming Norwegian International UFO conference, which Bases is delighted to cover for them, and ZOARE TV.
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Bases 74 The TI Caller Part One ver002

An MK Ultra Target calls in… he is the top of the food chain as far as Shadow Soldiers are concerned. The Horror of Inside Area 51. 15 year old girls, Cloning Horrific.
Now, after saving Obama’s life after a shoot out initiated by disgraced rogue President Bush Jnr, after 6 years in jail and he is without pension or benefits, his children are abused within the MK programs, Double Crossed, multiple assassination attempts …and he is as mad as hell….
Extremely strong language, and EXTREME descriptions follow, INSIDE AREA 51
Part 2 follows in a better frame of mind, and John Urwin gives his observations…where is the evidence….
(RE-UPLOAD due to Re-edit)
As with all Bases material, this is a witness account. No evidence is presented. Many of the statements can be checked, the question is is this something actually experienced by the witness, or is a ‘front memory’ for some other purpose.
One has to judge by the witnesses account. One cannot go up to the main gate at Area 51 and ask for evidence. Its a secure area, so we have look how ‘the smoke signals behave’.

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