Dimensions of Disclosure: David Wilcock 11:11pm Meditation Aug 18 2018

David Wilcock at Dimensions of Disclosure 11:11 Meditation
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Forbidden Archeology, Evidence of Human Artifacts, Millions of Years Old, Michael Cremo

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Where did we come from? What is the true history of humankind? Michael A. Cremo and Richard L. Thompson challenge the prevailing theory of Darwinian evolution with their groundbreaking work Forbidden Archeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race.

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Tsankawi, This Area Changes History as You Know It – 40,000 Y/O Remains of Advanced Civilization

So much of what we are taught about history is false. Petroglyphs that have been in multiple cultures going all the way back to the Aratta Civilization, which predates Sumerian Culture. You are looking at remains of a Society that has been linked around the world, that could go back over 100,000 Years. Since then, there have been many people and cultures that have taken over the grounds.

Diamond, from Oppenheimer Ranch was with me on the adventure, check out his YouTube channel.

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