Systems failure in the West and how to solve it

Notice to readers Due to my annual holiday the next two reports will be prewritten unless extraordinary events cause me to interrupt my holiday to cover them By now it is obvious to anyone who is actually using their brain that something is profoundly wrong with the leadership and government syste



Something Just Exited A “Portal” Over Louisiana 7/31/17

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Bases 48 Peter Paget Update July 30th 2017

The absolute terror of the utter disastereous Fukusima event is discussed with ex British Secret Agent and ET hybrid, Peter Paget, in this skype interview in England, late July 2017, an update to his Bases 48 Warminster Disclosure lectures and his Project Camelot interviews and High Elms Manor lectures, and the Bases Project 2016 International briefings./
We are under Extreme threat from this multi reactor “accident”, and as the sun turns a major CME.

This and more, from a Sunday afternoon chat via Skype on a English countryside afternoon chat, with author Secret Life of a Spook.

Paget’s and his elite independent intelligence group is to warn people who will listen and undertstand issues on the expected termination, or practical erradiaction of all life on earth, inside and out.. so nthing to worry about really….
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Alex Collier *LIVE* August 4, 2017 – 38th Webinar – Promo Video – Alex Collier is hosting his thirty-eighth 90-minute LIVE webinar, including Questions and Answers on Friday, August 4, 2017.

Topics will include: Looking into the future, current state of world affairs. Exclusively live and hosted by in conjunction with a subsidiary of 2pm EDT, 1pm CDT, 12pm MDT, 11am PDT. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to see Alex Collier LIVE online. Sign Up Today at

Catch up with Alex’s past webinars available now as video, audio, and transcript (ALSO… with a very special package offer):

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Bases at The Black Swan Jane Shattock

Bases at The Black Swan continues with a first presentation of British Navy daughter Jane Shattock, (63) with a unique insight to human genealogy.
Her presentation is a candid and frank analysis of the mixture of all humanity and the creatures and beings which over millions of years, of reincarnations and life times, bring us to the stage we are now.
But there is a corruption, a problem.
This will be of extreme interest to those of mixed race and sexual orientation who cannot have children, and those tortured in their bodies as to being in the ‘wrong body’ Tattoos and more Gay, and lesbian, and the torture this brings. Gays within the audience question her in intense interest.
The agenda here is the destruction of humanity in 3D.
Some of her message is that we are victims of a force which is destroying life here, and the consequence of the failure of reproduction of viable humans of whatever race, and the ultimate inability to have children due to this issue.

Jane, was unable to have children, and her mother had communication from those above as to why. A complex, frank, and rich lecture.

Not for the immature
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