Bases at The Black Swan Jane Shattock

Bases at The Black Swan continues with a first presentation of British Navy daughter Jane Shattock, (63) with a unique insight to human genealogy.
Her presentation is a candid and frank analysis of the mixture of all humanity and the creatures and beings which over millions of years, of reincarnations and life times, bring us to the stage we are now.
But there is a corruption, a problem.
This will be of extreme interest to those of mixed race and sexual orientation who cannot have children, and those tortured in their bodies as to being in the ‘wrong body’ Tattoos and more Gay, and lesbian, and the torture this brings. Gays within the audience question her in intense interest.
The agenda here is the destruction of humanity in 3D.
Some of her message is that we are victims of a force which is destroying life here, and the consequence of the failure of reproduction of viable humans of whatever race, and the ultimate inability to have children due to this issue.

Jane, was unable to have children, and her mother had communication from those above as to why. A complex, frank, and rich lecture.

Not for the immature
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