As You Wish BBS Talk Radio – Saturday 9/22/2018 (Audio Only) With Maria Wheatley.

Special GUEST: Maria Wheatley.


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Opening Video Created By Peter Maxwell Slattery.
ECETI Media: Peter Maxwell Slattery and Robert Bergquist.

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Huge Orb / Craft @ ECETI Analysed by Jason Gleaves

Huge Orb / Craft at ECETI Analysed by by Jason Gleaves from Ufonly

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CE-5 Expedition – ECETI Ranch – Lights Captured on Mount Adams – by Rob Freeman

Footage & Video by Rob Freeman – Atmospheric Anomalies

Write up by Rob Freeman
I, Mark McNabb & Lissette Rodriguez appreciated James Gilliland’s gracious hospitality at the ECETI Ranch for the weekend. Using the WMD: you can see lights going on & off at the top of Mt Adams, 14 miles away. I was filming with a wide angle night vision, and very sensitive zoom thermal. In the field near the top, where the lights are flashing, if these were hikers, there would be bodies seen in the close up thermal, but nothing shows up in either the B&W or the colour thermography. Apparently, hikers are not allowed on this part of the mountain ($5,000 fine), and this was 3:30 AM in the morning. Local native legend holds that these are “fairy lights” & have been seen here for hundreds of years. James had me, along with others on his radio show while we were there:…

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