David Wilcock response to Benjamin Fulford’s 2-25-19 article… “I call BS. Trust the Plan.”

This David Wilcock comment on Benjamin’s article is important enough for posting right away (very early AM here). Personally, David’s comment on Ben’s post resonates much more with me than Benjamin’s article itself…

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David Wilcock on Jimmy Church 1-9-19, “Ep. 975 FADE to BLACK… ‘All about 2018′” VIDEO (and MP3s)

The David part of the video starts at 33:58, and the MP3s created from it have the hard core metal music and ads (and extensive guitar discussion) removed. I’ve also included an audio track some may wish to use (mp3s are configured for use on iPhones and smartphones). MP3s (30 min…

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Groundbreaking Area 51 Insider Bob Lazar 30-Year Anniversary: Alpha and the Omega

Bob Lazar was the first great UFO / Area 51 insider to explode onto the scene back in 1989. Now, 30 years later, he has resurfaced in a must-see new movie — Bob Lazar, Area 51 and Flying Saucers. No one had heard about Area 51 and reverse-engineered spacecraft before Lazar…

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Ufology Researchers Divided but Not Conquered: Exposure of PSYOP to Create Truther “Civil War” — But it’s Not Working

The legal importance of this provision can’t be overstated. This gives the groups running these projects a license to do almost anything they need to maintain secrecy, including elaborate smear campaigns. Dr.

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