Bases 83 Marie on Intentional Energetics

Deprogramming The False Belief System with Marie Lewis have been working on her own healing program for over three years. She has taken the Matrix Energetics course and studied with Elma Mayer for two years. Elma Mayer is the founder of NOW Healing.
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John Urwin One step Back

J Urwin demands for a retraction of what was logically discussed by myself on other media, as to his unknown origins in 1939., and his express entry into the 16 in 1957. This is simply a logical observation nothing more, but was required to be retracted under threat from Mr Urwin.

Uploaded under threat
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Bases News update Feb 13 2018

a News update, with information on crucial sources about the Sentient Fluid, Dave Marrow, with the return of Alistair from Bases 18, material on Saturn, the threats and abuse I have been defamed by, and plans for the Summer Festival. This is an as live format,
The need to expand to a staffed organization, so the data from the project can be properly and professional accessed.

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