Awake & Aware 2018 Stepping Stones interviews

Introducing the Bases sister site, Stepping Stones to Awareness, with Caroline Stephens interviewing Tony Topping and then Simon Parkes.
Also UFO witness Caz Clarke about the Pentyrch UFO incident, a massive pyramid UFO over south Wales and Charmaine D’Rosario-Saytch on alien hybrids,…all for a wider audience on a different channel. Caroline is to bring these heavy subjects to a wider different audience with stepping stones to awareness.
Here we have all 4 in one go.

Held in hostile circumstances with radio interference on all audio sources, and helicopters over flying the manor interrupting the recordings on several occasions.
Earlier a campaign of hate and defamation was targeted at some of the speakers for this event, with murder threats against myself by a pair of ex Bases interviewees.

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Bases 88 4 Tim Rifat Physics of Psychic Warfare

Important to view in order, so please go to part 1 if you are not familiar with this series on Psychic Warfare specialist Tim Rifat, recorded out doors in Brighton, southern England.
The importance of this series cannot be over estimated

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Fast blast Crop Circle Centre 2018

The wonderful crop circle exhibition has moved to the north side of the Kennet & Avon Canal, and is connected with the India Shop and the new Old Mill Cafe. Its really wonderful, with parking a bit north in Alton Barnes..a few yards away. near the old WW2 RAF scramble station. The Cafe is beautiful and good for breakfasts.

Monique gives a brief interview, on a hot day 32C!
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Bases 88 Parts 1&2 Introducing Tim Rifat

Introducing Tim Rifat , the acclaimed and infamous world leader in psychic warfare. Here The Gridkeeper, part of the back team with James Casbolt, gives us a briefing on what to expect in Bases 88, Then we visit Rifat’s raided and wrecked Brighton apartment. Raided by Mi5. Tim has few good words to say about Mi5, and good many others.
Features very strong language and adult themes. This is the start of a bold new investigation into Psychic Weapons, and warfare. In further parts we will deal with greater details, and the science in this stuff.

As this is uploaded another one this British team lies paralyzed from the waste down, in hospital, and has had alien parasitic “worm” implant removed from his back… and he was was a multiple abductee, in his home town of Brighton, on England’s south coast. Problem is this person was able to regenerate his two “eaten” vertebrae, and Walk again only 3 days after the attack… now surrounded by special Drs and nurses, we await the outcome

Later in Bases 88 Tim Rifat describes the physics of this warfare, and a great deal more. All with a foul mouth, and a good sense of humor.
Previously published on the Bases back Up site, in separate parts

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