Project Camelot Egypt Tour Miles & Maria LIVE Nov 2018

Maria Wheatley (she says Ireland first..oops) describes the Project Camelot Tour in Egypt April 2019, she is appearing with Kerry Cassidy of Porject Camelot, and Michael Tellinger, interview with Miles Johnston, streamed live to Facebook. The original recorder failed (at 64KB!), so this is a download from facebook reworked.
Please refer to projectcamelot’s website for tour booking details, and book as soon as possible.

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Fast Blast Nov 18 Orgone & Late Ollie Marshall 02

Continued from part 1, cut off due to the sound being taken out by a glitch from the Orgone device we built with Tina Marie and Mike Emery.
Open Minds Ireland conference discussed from last weekend

A few vital bits of data mentioned, including a massive cylinder aircraft used to start the fires in the US. Witnessed by 4 people in the US as they drove through the fires
Future event discussed to highlight the targeting and cancer from mobile phones, with Oliver Marshall’s death. His film Street Eyes was shown at the Bases Film Festival

TI-TV discussed and the strange coincidences of the previous “people like” issues,
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Fast Blast Nov 18 Orgone & Late Ollie Marshall 01

These are Blogs which cover many topics, and give rare bits of vital information,. this was cut off due to th effects of an Orgone technlogy device getting charged up.. , its continued ina Part 2. This live is detailed, and refers to connected topics.

Open Minds Ireland conference discussed from last weekend

Mainly about planned lectures and a film tribute about the late Oliver Mrashall, killed by targeting which resulted in 3 brain tumors

The original was cust off as we had no sound for the last 10 mins.. problem being is once lost you have to rely on comments to tell you. Thanks for the feedback people
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