Bases 73 David Curtis Part 3 Alien Other

David Curtis returns to Bases with a new look at the alien presence. David has an extremely colourful past, having Tuned in Turned On and Chilled out, with some of the key figures in the 1960s popular culture.
His book Alien Other is available through usual outlets
Previously run Live on Facebook.
apols for David’s camera stuck in sepia tone. The new Skype uploads prevent any camera adjustments

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Fastblast Rogue AI on FB DO NOT ENGAGE Sept22 18

Urgent calls redcieved on sat 22nd Sept on a highly dangerous AI, on Facebook. This is a FUTURE AI trolling for certain key members of the public in the present.(Miles himself)cyber The alert was repeated many times, so Miles is here passing it on. On an earlier LIVE with David Curtis the chat room had this AI troll several times.
went live on facebook Sept 22nd

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Devizes Carnival 2018

The wonderful happy end of summer festivals in the old traditional Fairs, and carnivals, culminate with the Pewsey Festival later in Sept. Here in my home town, a brief look at the tremendous efforts the various teams do, My favorite was the Steam Train “Choo Choo” Ghost loco. Full of kids, parents and all extremely well made, with ‘smoke’ coming out.. all very exciting. A great time for everyone, and its part of the Devizes festival. The town has diffrerent types of festivals during the year.
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Bases 78 Mike Emery Building Your Orgone Bubble Part 2 Ver 02

Mike Emery Iso Cam version, Academic and scientist Mike Emery discusses the building of this entirely new type of application with Orgone energetics, the Orgone Bubble, the required materials, and then has a chat about how to create the Intention, which is a vital part of this science. Part 2 of a special with Mike in person.

Some viewers felt Sandra was too distracting. So this is for them
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Bases 78 Mike Emery Building Your Orgone Bubble Part 2

Wilhelm Reich named a life force energy Orgone, he made a variety technology break troughs, suppressed by a corrupt scientific establishment, and he was eventually murdered for doing so. Now we have a great step forward in this technology, and in this special edition of Bases 78 with Academic and free thinker Mike Emery in person, with day 2 of his How to Build an Orgone Bubble generator. Sandra Daroy is guest interviewer, and we show the materials and the Intention process.
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Bases 78 Mike Emery Building Your Orgone Bubble Part 1

Mike Emery IN PERSON, what a thrill! Here we dedicate two parts of a special instructional video on The Orgone Bubble, hosted by Sandra Daroy, who purchased the materials for the demo, to MAKE an Orgone Bubble generator. Hiwever Sandra startred being severly targed, as new LED Street lights with (possibly) 5G 60-100GHz close range antennae start tests during periods in office hours. These new LED Lampost, apart from providing a blinding retina damaging light, have G5 booster cell antennae, making it impossible to sleep in the front rooms, as they are a few yards away. This effected Sandra in Part 2. But after activation of the Bubble (in part 2) Sandra reported some days later this greatly reduced the toxic effects of theb5G transmissions, which according to the late Dr Rauni Kilde is a neurological weapon.
We first start to explain what this is about, and how its the greatest advance Wilhelm Reich’s original cloud buster technology, which lead to his murder in jail.

Sandra rejoined the Bases volunteer team of interviewers for this special edition of Bases 78
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