We Have Lost Control Fast Blast

news of more deaths, this time of students, This is a story that goes back to the black goo scientists at Marconi, who all committed suicide. Its happening again. The UWE Bristol has questions to answer. This is related to 5G and the technology and waveforms to be used in this technology which many say will be the the start of many deaths and illnesses, as they slowly cook our brains and our very life . A lot more data on this is coming out from Drs and security sepcialists/// The first to go.. The security services themselves

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Fast Blast We Have Lost Control of Ourselves

We have lost control of ourselevs. Fast Blast on the deaths , by suicide, ONCE AGAIN, due to negligence in the use of this consciousness technology. Repeating the black goo deaths from the attempt to waeponise it after teh Falklands War
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Bases 35 Part 3 Sasquatch Update 2018

Kewaunee was first interviewed during the International Ufo Congress in 2014. We join him now in 2018 with his wife Kelly, to discuss further issues on the ancient humanoid form humnaity was given in the age of the dinosaurs, as they were mutual hunters. Yes, Sasquatch, Big Foot would hunt them. The British secret special forces teams were briefed on humanity’s original bioform 70 years ago. We are the direct derivatives of Sasquatch. Their lives are typically 900 years plus, as John Urwin was briefed.

This Livestream was severely trolled and interrupted. We lost the feed in the US, and locally in Wiltshire it was lost to YouTube. This edit replaces the original 2 parts. Number witheld phone calls plagued part of the interview, so the line was pulled.
Kewaunee’s first encounter with the Sasquatch was on Ben Nevis when he lived in the UK in the 60s.

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Fresh Hope for Brexit 001

Caroline Stephens (ex-Campaign Manager of LeaveEU/Vote Leave) met Miles Johnston of Bases Project at the recent AV9 Conference in Milton Keynes May 2018. The video introduces the need for ‘we the people’ to take back control of the governance of this country. We’re now putting the MPs on notice!

This is a new experiment for getting the message of the key points from the Bases Project across toa new audience. Transhumanisation, Agenda 21, 2045
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AV9 Fire Alarm Fun May 5th2018

Alternative View 9, held at Horwood House, little Horwood in the countryside near Milton Keynes, fire alarm.. This is a deadly serious event, run by Ian R Crane’s excellent team.
G5 is deadly technology being force out to kill us Its for the cyborgs, as the technology kills the basic elements of how cells work.
So this bit of fun due to some selfish smoker in his bedroom gave us a bit of distraction in the late evening

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