Bases 94 3 Addendum Trauma MK ULTRA

Bases 94 is about a Nordic Contactee, witha ever traumatised account involgving “blue Greys”, known as Blue Doctors by her children, but how many children has she had, thousnads, and the trauma, striaght out of the trauma induced mind control, the terrifying abuse by those you think you hold close and dear. Violations, abuse. leading to what we now know as Soul Trading…..

This section was at first not to be released, but after consideration, Linn has said publish.. this is the addendum to Linn-Nordic Contactee,

Note to TROLLS:- Hell Space is for go on keep it up, the sump will be cleaned as you do….
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Bases 94 3 Linn A Nordic Contactee Session 3

Linn is a multiple generational contactee, and with connections to the Bildergers, MK Ultra, Trauma induced mind control, multiple embryo genration and Blue Alien Greys,…
She has come forth to get acquainted witn the rest of those who have been so abused…by what and by “whom”
Part 3 of Bases 94 is followed by an addendum, her betrayal by her father and huisband… violation by those who have committed the ultimate crimes, and who face hell space.
Shot on Jan 1st, in Son, southern Norway, interview by Anne Hess

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Bases 94 Linn a Nordic Contactee Session 2

In session 2, Norwegian experiencer Linn explains the drawings and paintings of her family, over several decades, a multigenerational contactee. Blue Doctors, as desribed , of so called Blue Greys .
Session 3 follows, with Anne Hess as guest interviewer.
Shot on location in Drobak, southern Norway. duringa “power cut” which focused onn her home, session 1 is shot at the site where the Germnan Bismark class ship Blucher was sunk in 1940,

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Bases 94-1 Linn a Nordic Contactee Session 1

The first session, with another brave witness, giving her account of multiple generational so called “ET” contact, and more. The Blue Doctors..or “blue Greys”.
This session suffers from a great deal of interference, even an “agent” making sure he is in the video. The attendence of agents making it so obvious makes this a major whistle blow case.
A stressful time for all.
Right beside where the Bizmark class battleship Bl├╝cher was sunk in April 1940, as Norway surrendered to the Nazi invasion. Many points of connect here.

The power outage in the normal Norwegian weather was not a coincidence. Many signatures at work here.
A Masonic disclosure almost identical to this one was described off screen a day or so later.
A very tense atmosphere during this and the rest of the sessions.

Session 2 and 3 to follow
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Bases 88 Rifat Relayed Psychotronic Generators 6

Tim Rifat has been “everywhere”..literally complex number space, the details of all we are forbidden to know, by those who are in power and who are betrayers in everything we think we know, if we are to survive and get out of this, we must now LEARN. FAST.

This is the final part of a series of 6 from Tim Tony Stark Rifat’s website. go there and learn
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