When Sekhmet Becomes Alive by Nancy Polet

When Sekhmet Becomes Alive is the account of a personal journey after Dutch researcher Nancy Polet, from Skyhighcreations in Amsterdam, touched one of the Sekhmet staues in the British Museum in central London a year ago (2016).

In this, her first video presentation, she gives her account, and experiences of this little known ‘God’ from Egypt, the gods with the head of a Lion.

She has also made a short promo for those wishing to see these statues in Egypt later in Oct 2017
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Sekhmet Tour Promo Oct 2017

The Egyptian Gods, whom with head of a Lion, are a relatively little known series of beings associated with Egypt. Here Nancy Polet, from Amsterdam gives a short promo chat at Bases HQ ,for a tour of these Sekhmet Gods, in late October 2017,.
She earlier gave a presentation for The Bases Lecture Series, on her experiences and journey after engaging an ‘ energy’ from a Sekhmet statue in the British Museum in London a year ago in 2016.

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Bases 50 Part 2 Pattie Brassard Fukushima Updates Aug 2017

In addition to Peter Paget’s Bases Fukushima update in late July 2017, Pattie Brassard gives further information on this deliberate disaster. This and more as Karen Macdonald hands off from part 1 to this August update in part 2. Secret Space Program, the deliberate and planned downgrade of human genetics, our eventual virtual wipe out and enslavement..even further.

The scale of what is happening here is beyond most people’s ability to take it in.
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Sandra Fecht Prelude for Bases Ireland Awakens Conf Base 58-4

Bases 58 continues with Sandra Fecht on the Bases 2017 ‘Ireland Awakens’ international conference in Dublin, held at the Talbot Hotel, Stillorgan, south Dublin, Ireland. SEpt 15th to 18th 2017.
This will have a speakers on the Friday Sept 15th, who are survivors, experiencers and on SRA, trauma and other issues on the terrors of the kinds of horrific abuses carried out by these nonhumans, and their ‘human’ compatriots on the human population. So called SRA is known as Satanic Ritual Abuse. The name is not the issue. the trauma and abuse is.

They are attacking therapits who are dealing SRA, (Satanic Ritual Abuse) or MK Ultra related abuse programs, as they calim no such thing happnes, and its fale memories applied by the therapist. A tactic used against UFO researchers, on ‘alien abduction’
While this is a promo for the conference, its a very useful update from Sandra, now under attack in Canada, as these horrific creatures are making legal moves to stop us from finding out what they do, or wake up about the fact these things are happening.

Irelands terrifying abuse stories (notably with further information from Sinead O’Connor) shows how seriopus this is within Ireland.

Sandra Fecht, M.A. Counsellor sandrafecht@rogers.com 705-325-8187

Friday September 15 Talbot Hotel Stillorgan Ireland Awakes
Sandra Fecht, counsellor for Extreme Ritual and Satanic Abuse
Dave Staffen, Fran Toews, Survivors Speak Out
Anne Redelfs Survivor, retired Psychiatrist Satanism in Medicine

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Bases 50 Part 1 Karen MacDonald Geniusinsight App

Bases 50 now reloaded with her grace, karen-ann lucyk macdonald,13th klanmotherand and Sgt Pattie Brassard updates. This one starting in early August 2017. The focus on these updates is to keep it short and to the point, no more than 2 hrs max.
So in this first part we have Karen dealing with a variety “Rife” related Apps and other energetic health tips.
the geniusinsight app (diy energy doctor rife biohealth scan)

Both have appeared in Bases before, and in other channels widely across the internet.
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Bases at The Black Swan Experiencers & Close

‘The Bases At’ series promotes new speakers and the ability of experiencers to voice their events, in a public domain in an Open Mic format. This time Targeted Individual ‘Danielle’ gives her voice. The background here is, she stopped local Police a couple fo miles from the venue, and her car was confiscated (in pouring rain). This was later found due her former partner not renewing the insurance. But this was a month ago, and she had driven 250 miles from Leeds unimpaired.. so this was a message from ‘the powers that be’, to intimidate the Bases event with a “parachuted in ” TI.

A 2nd witness who was able to ask questions during other lectures was a no show, so a 3rd witness, anonymous, was given a final few minutes of this end of conference event to speak.

Witnesses and TIs, and Experiencers are welcome, for a special event later. do contact
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Bases at The Black Swan Dave Moncoeur 2nd edition

Dave Moncoeur is a veteran researcher in the UFO subject, and much of his work is undiscovered. Here he discusses the death of Ron Adams (Bases 2), followed on with the MILABs at USAF Bentwaters, the Bentwaters Grey Aliens and a terror of Spiders, and subsequent strange deaths of Tony Dodd, Graham Birdsall, BUFORA editor Ken Philips, and the Marconi Scientists, and those BBC strange deaths.. this and more.
With some further input from the first speaker of the day, Jane Shattock (whose uncle bought the St Ives home for James Casbolt)… The days speakers were followed with a couple of experiencer cases. Dave was preceded by the late Max Spier’s mother Vanessa Bates, and Jane Shattock on human re-incarnation what happens and what happens when it goes wrong
Further mention of UFO issues in the Lake District.
Dave has featured on Bases before and makes specific reference co-researcher Lisa M Williams (Bases One, Two and 9). This is mainly for the UFO community..if they can stop have petty arguments, and get out of the Roswell-Rendlesham Forest mess.

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