Parody # 54 with Kent Dunn

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WHAT Is This? Elusive Space Objects Everywhere..

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Antarctica: what bizarre technology is melting the ice from within? With Dr. Michael Salla


Is there a secret Stargate under #Antarctica sending off mysterious cosmic rays which is causing the ice to melt? In this part 3 of our series with Dr. Michael Salla he talks about what he believes is really going on in Antarctica and how this is tied to a full #Disclosure.

We also discuss if China has secret underground bases that they are used for (s l a v e) labor and human trafficking? And how public space missions are being used as a front for the real space missions from the Secret Space Program.

Michael Salla also talks about why becoming more spiritual or religious is a good thing for humanity and why the #DeepState fear this so much.

Part 1: 11:11 Quake is Retribution to Deep State for Paradise Fires

Part 2: The Deep State Vs. the American Constitution

Dr. Michael Salla Website & YouTube:

Exopolitics Article Archives…



Google Earth shows 2Km long Artifact being Exposed by Melting Antarctic Ice
Fitbit video from Quinn Michaels :

Illegal Military Research and Development in Antarctica

Top Aerospace Designer Blows Whistle on Secret US Navy Space Battle Fleets

Advanced Technology Reports Leaked by Corey Goode Confirmed by Leading Scientist

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Kryon Explains Why Belief Is The Key That Opens The Door to Your Higher Self

In this channeling, Kryon explains why your level of belief determines how fast Spirit can assist you on your ascension path. Taking a leap of faith isn’t always easy, but old souls who trust the process and believe in unseen will be guided at an accelerated pace.

Kryon in Kananaskis Alberta Canada 2017

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Richard Dolan Brilliantly Exposes Some of the BIGGEST Secrets in UFO History

We are confronted by a massive and global UFO phenomenon, one which gets zero serious attention from our mainstream culture. Clearly, something important is happening and there are those in our power structure who understand this. Some pertinent questions are: who might these people be, what might they know, and how do they keep this subject away from public scrutiny?

Richard Dolan, one of the most prominent UFO researchers in the world today, will break this subject down. In the process, he will explore some of the ways in which this subject is truly strange and shatters our preconceptions about what we thought we knew about our world. This lecture will discuss the true structure of power as it exists in the world today, the complexities brought by the presence of “others” into our civilization, and the possible outcomes for the next few decades.
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Source Message For December 30th, 2018

This source message is a suggestion to go out and make others happy today.

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Kryon – “Prepared for YOU!”

This live channelling series was given in Portland, Oregon – July 23th of 2016.

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