Galactics update with Kent Dunn February 28, 2019
My Recommendation for a Heavy Metals Detox

Pure Body and Pure Body Extra Strength both use purified zeolite, but they are sized differently so they work together to target toxins throughout the whole body.

Taking both Pure Body and Pure Body Extra Strength provides a complete detox throughout all the pathways of the body.

+ Pure Body (Digestive Detox):
+ Pure Body Extra Strength (Cellular Detox):
+ All Liquid Zeolite Products (Category Page):

My favorite CBD-Rich Hemp Oil:

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Solar Wind, Records, Sunblasted Moon, Arp Galaxy | S0 News Feb.28.2019

Daily Sun, Earth and Science News

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suspicious observers suspicious0bservers
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E.T. Connections & 20,000 Year Timeline, Zuni, Mi’kmaq and Mayan Elders, – Matthew Belair

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Nuclear Nations, Pakistan Shoots Down 2 Indian Jets After Airstrike in Kashmir, Latest

India, Pakistani Conflict 2019
Pakistan says it shot down two Indian jets as Kashmir border crisis deepens

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Kryon Explains Why Bringing Your Higher Self Forward Gives You The Power to Change The Unchangeable

In this channeling, Kryon explains why it’s important not to put a limit on what you are capable of. All things are possible when you connect with your higher self and expand into a higher conscious state.

Kryon in SYRACUSE, NEW YORK 2018

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Thirdphaseofmoon Response to SecureTeam10 LYING Tweet!

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Secrueteam10 tweet see how long it stays up?
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Kryon – “Healer’s Instructions” – 2019

This live channelling series was given in Santa Fe, New Mexico, February 24, 2019.

Amber Wolf – 00:00
Kryon – 02:03

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