Confirmed, Volcanos Causing Glaciers and Ice Sheets to Melt in Antarctica, Latest

Confirmed, Volcano’s Causing Glaciers and Ice Sheets to Melt in Antarctica, Also 91 recently discovered Volcano’s in Antarctica could be causing glaciers to melt also Latest – 2 Weeks Emergency Food Supply only $67 Bucks Or Call 1-888-411-0779
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What Just Happened Over Florida? We Got It! 2018

New Videos Of What Could Be The New U.S. Space Force In Action. But Why Now? Something Is Going On Over Florida! Special Thanks To The People Who Shared There Video With Thirdphaseofmoon!

JJ Casanas

The SaltLifeNative Channel

Also Special Thanks To Jose Sanchez!

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Is CERN & LHC Destroying the Ozone? Over 30,000 Particle Accelerators Around World

Researching the effects CERN and Particle Accelerators have on the Magnetosphere. Also connecting ancient Veda’s, Cosmic Weapons and Ancient Wars with current technology. Also how does a Particle Accelerator work, how much energy do they produce and how many are there? These are discussed also in the podcast.
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Hindu Trinity, Galactic Wars & Cosmic Weapons

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