2018-01-22 Andrew 8 Rhodan 96 Meetis 100 Gary 7 Guests Rolf Ray Christina

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Was a Missile Shot Down Over Hawaii or Did Someone Push the Wrong Button?

Missile Shot Down Over Hawaii? Protect Your Privacy from Big Data Spies @ http://ift.tt/2j0j7KN

The 2018 Hawaii Alert

Jeff Daugherty
Jay Campbell from TRT Revolution & Decoders of Truth Facebook Group

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Question Everything.
Be the change you want to see!

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01 20 18 As You Wish Talk Radio with James Gilliland The Real Disclosure

James has been at the forefront of the UFO Community and Conscious Contact for over three decades. Owner of the ECETI Ranch on Mt Adams – where UFOs are spotted on an ongoing basis – James continues to raise the Disclosure conversation to the Highest Vibration.

James tells it like it is – uncontrolled, uncensored.
Topics include:
* The Real “Disclosure”
* An Uncensored, Uncontrolled Narrative
* Update on the Transdimensional War
* End of Tyranny
* The Deep State
* State of Denial and Ignorance

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Something Big Just Happened On The Moon! 2018

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