Bases 73 David Curtis Part 2

In Part 2 we focus on Sekhmet and then UFOs, and his abduction events

David Curtis born in Oxford 1945, high school in New York, then Philosophy, Comparative Religion, Woodstock, Fine Art. Banbury Art School, Oxon, Lived next door to Lama Anagarika Govinda, India. Visited ashrams and temples in Himalayas. Entered silent order of Anglican Monks, Sussex. Attended Krishnamurti conference Hampshire, Member of the Religious Experience Unit, Manchester College, University of Oxford, Joined the Society for Psychical Research. Resident student in Institute for Psycho-physical Research, Oxford. Cited in Prof. R Main’s Revelations of Chance, SUNY Press Albany.
This and so much more with this unique Bases witness and Experiencer. David Curtis. Emerges through Project Camelot and Joanna’s Summers ET Newsroom, and now the Base project with a series of intense interviews. Curtis is author a series of books on this topic, available from good book stores and Amazon.

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Proof of Remote Viewing | Wall Street Journal: Did Psychic Powers Give Firm a Killing In the Silver Market?

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Did You SEE This In The Skies? 8/18/17

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