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Kp Message 7-18-19… “Incoming Energies: Illumination, Healing, Empowerment”

Yes… that’s what I just “got”. That is what I’ve been feeling for this recent period of days. I suppose you might switch those words around, but right now, it doesn’t matter. All of these items seem to be happening at the same time…



The Tower Card

The breakthrough on June 21st has brought many positive developments. Other negative scenarios have also been averted: https://stillnessinthestorm…


Docs Show Navy Got ‘UFO’ Patent Granted By Warning Of Similar Chinese Tech Advances

The United States Secretary of Navy is listed as the assignee on several radical aviation technologies patented by an aerospace engineer working at the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAWCAD) headquarters in Patuxent River, Maryland…


SerialBrain2, 7-11-19… “The Explosive Message Trump Coded in his Speech on Independence Day” (this goes with the previous post)

[Kp note: two days ago, SB2 Reddit-mailed me and said he had replaced two of the decode images. These have been included below…


theredpill2016 7-9-19… “Finally White Hats Control Earth! Exciting Moment. Share Freely”

This is one of those posts where I cannot really ever hope to “prove” any of it. But it does align with what I sense, and with what Benjamin Fulford and others (e.g., David Wilcock) have posted about “planetary things”…