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Explorers discover huge ‘lost’ cave with 3 floors & giant hall in Antarctica (PHOTOS)

Polar explorers have discovered a monumental “lost” ice cave with three floors, a giant hall, 200 meters of walkways, several lakes and a river hidden in Antarctica. The mysterious cave was found on Galindez Island, where explorers from the Ukranian Antarctic Expedition (UAE) are based…



“Interstellar!” Second Object Detected from Beyond Our Solar System

NASA’s Scout system, which is located at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, flagged a newly discovered comet object as possibly being interstellar. if confirmed as interstellar, it would be only the second such object detected…


Utsava Psychic Medium 4-28-19… “About Epstein’s wherabouts, Prince William’s future, the Royals, Reset, Bitcoin, World Terrorism, Trump”

This Utsava reading (information) was sent to me by a couple people, and it might be helpful to some. Sometimes I have a challenge understanding her English, but some of the data points in here rather “clicked in” to what I’ve been sensing…


GaiaPortal 9-10-19… “Fields of stone are harvested”

This GaiaPortal may very well align with the recent Kp blog “Hammering energies” post. Perhaps the “Fields of stone” (resistant ego points) are being harvested and “hammered” to break them up, so the Light might enter (Crops of Light), and healing occurs…


Mysterious Alien Race Warned Is Returning To Norway To Retrieve Their Nazi “Children Of Shame”

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