Richard Dolan Brilliantly Exposes Some of the BIGGEST Secrets in UFO History

We are confronted by a massive and global UFO phenomenon, one which gets zero serious attention from our mainstream culture. Clearly, something important is happening and there are those in our power structure who understand this. Some pertinent questions are: who might these people be, what might they know, and how do they keep this subject away from public scrutiny?

Richard Dolan, one of the most prominent UFO researchers in the world today, will break this subject down. In the process, he will explore some of the ways in which this subject is truly strange and shatters our preconceptions about what we thought we knew about our world. This lecture will discuss the true structure of power as it exists in the world today, the complexities brought by the presence of “others” into our civilization, and the possible outcomes for the next few decades.
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