Alien Abductee Explains What It Feels Like to Look Into the Eyes of an Extraterrestrial

Not many people have got to look into the eyes of an alien up close but this man did, whilst they took him for 5 days. He found out many things about how grey aliens, think and what they want from Earth.

Travis Walton was the Arizona logger whose 1975 forest encounter with a UFO was made into the Paramount movie “FIRE IN THE SKY”. Ignoring the warnings of his fellow crewmen, Walton approached the craft and was struck by a blast of energy from it and taken aboard. The crew were suspected of murdering Walton and making up a wild story to cover up for the deed until Arizona State Police lie detector tests cleared them and proved the truth of what they had witnessed. Travis overcame his initial reluctance to speak about his ordeal to accept invitations from all over the world to speak about the incident and about the storm of accusations hurled by professional skeptics, and their ultimate disproof by legitimate researchers. Travis Walton recounts the events of that fateful day, explains where the movie departs from what really happened, and reveals fascinating new developments in what is now recognized as the best documented case of alien contact ever recorded.
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