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Twitter Thread from “Clandestine”, : 9… “Trump is the face of a faction within in the US military who has taken control from the corrupt politicians. That’s what you’re witnessing.”

This thread came to my attention from somewhere, and as I read through it, it connected very well with what we have been hearing all along, from people like Jerome Corsi, David Wilcock, Corey Goode, Michael Salla, et al. (this Kp blog post contains a summary of items about this)…



Corey Goode FB Intel Update 2-10-19… “New information coming in from Gonzales, the SSP Alliance, Blue Avians and the Anshar”

There is a lot of information from Corey in this update. There definitely seems to be much going on. I know we have all been “feeling it”. And even though CG presented a lot of data here, I’m still not sure whether Sigmund is still with us…