Asteroid TC4 to Skim Earth So Close, NASA Testing Planetary Defense System

Asteroid TC4 to Skim Earth So Close, NASA Testing Planetary Defense System

*What would you do if you knew the World was going to end in 3 days?

1.TC4 is estimated to be 50-100’ in diameter and calculations show it as close as 3400 miles. Now there are several other charts and diagrams showing this Asteroid as far as 27,000 Miles out. It is being compared to the Russian, Chelyabinsk Meteor that exploded and became brighter then the sun.

We will be looking at some of the orbits and data, directly from JPL/NASA and the High Powered Goldstone Radar System.

1.Even if this Asteroid doesn’t hit the earth, with thousands of Satellites orbiting the Earth, how likely is TC4 to hit one?

2.Also we will be looking at the similarities and parallels of the Series Salvation that came out earlier this year portraying a ELE from an Asteroid that is suppose to hit the earth on the East Coast.
This causes TPTB which are named “Atlas” just like the clandestine group that controls the world in “Shooter” to come out of the shadows and hush up anyone that might warn the public.

There is a Key Player in the Series named Darius Tanz, a mastermind genius with lots of money and toys to show off his ark that will save a tiny portion of the world. Meanwhile others are trying desperately to find a solution for the world. Espionage and hysteria causes alliances to fall and it soon becomes a nation against nation and class against class scenario.

I discovered this series the day i found out about TC4 which is also quite a synch, because it discusses a very similar parallel to either the TC4 or a NEO ELE asteroid, or meteor we might not see or know about.

3.How effective is this PDS and is this why we dont see many images of the Entire planet without being doctored because of a system that is Classified.

4.What would happen in the event of TPTB knowing a Comet would hit the earth and kill most the population. What would they do? Save themselves, save the world?

5.How to prevent an Asteroid Comet or Meteor from hitting the Earth?
Would Launching a Nuclear Missile into the Asteroid will just create a plethora of smaller asteroid debris, what about the inertia and fallout?

Are there devices that could emit heat for deflection? Gravity emitters? A ship that could land on the Asteroid and steer its direction

NASA to test Planetary Defense System with Real Asteroid

NASA to test new Planetary Defense System

TC4 Orbit Goldstone Radar

Chelyabinsk meteor

Salvation TV Series

View on YouTube


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