Preview: Deborah Pietsch presenting at ECETI2018 July 4-8, 2018

Deborah Pietsch, co-founder of Transcend the Matrix, is a Spiritual Activator, Warrioress of Light, Attuned Telepath and Ascension Facilitator. She has a multi-dimensional background, coming via the world of Hollywood, as an award-winning producer, switching gears in 2010 to allow an additional ‘calling’ to reveal itself as a cutting-edge spiritual teacher, healer, telepathic communicator and Activator.

Awakened in 1987, Deb was opened up like a “tin can” multi-dimensionally. She has gone through a decade of “Activations” which have accelerated her abilities to traverse dimensions 24/7, communicate telepathically, as well as understand unexpected situations such as infiltration, the hijacking of humanity’s great awakening, the energetic effects of 9/11, the reversing energies of the Law of Attraction and much more.

Private clients and students around the world experience profound alchemical shifts as Deb brings forth detailed and confirmed telepathic communication, unique teachings, insights, experiential tools AND high frequency Light to Activate their I AM Presence, 13 DNA Codes, 3rd eye and more. She masterfully clears blocks, entities and infiltration from people’s energy field, projects and homes. Through experiential tools, she empowers people to learn how to clear their own energy fields, re-calibrate, up-level and communicate with their Higher Selves and Beings of Light Guides. Additional teachings and Activations include establishing and anchoring your Free Will, Sovereignty and new status quo of well-being.

Her lecture at ECETI 2018 will cover the important topic: Disclosure of the Hidden Energetics of the Matrix She and her husband Scott will also facilitate a Workshop entitled: Transcend the Matrix: Experientially Relate to Your Energy Field AND Learn Powerful Techniques to Clear Your Field of All Undesired, Uninvited Energies.

For those drawn to her activations, Deborah will also be providing limited private sessions while at ECETI.
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