If You Want To Be Happier Quit Taking Yourself So Seriously!

A walk on the beach with my son talking about life, beliefs, the law of attraction, and not taking ourselves so seriously.

I will be in the US from Aug – Sept facilitating Personal Reconnections and Healing Sessions. For more info on what I do please visit my site at https://ift.tt/2ztxRw4. You can find more info on the frequency tab and sessions tab.
CA San Diego 8-1 thru 8-4
CA San Francisco 8-6 thru 8-9
NY Brooklyn 8-15 thru 8-18
FL Ft lauderdale 8-19 thru 22
CO Denver 8-27 thru 8-31
MO St, Louis 9-3 thru 9-5
OH Hamilton 9-7 thru 9-10

I might add a couple places in mid Sept

Scheduling your Reconnection or Healing Session today! case@333reconnect.com

I have always stayed away from social media but I think it’s time I start.
I have 0 instagram followers and 0 twitter followers 🙂
I would love if you could follow me!!! Peace

Instagram: https://ift.tt/2IZDfqs
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MastersEveryday
Facebook: https://ift.tt/2mS7Kc1
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/EverydayMasters


Everyday Masters

unlearn beliefs
how to unlearn beliefs
how to change limiting beliefs
how to overcome limiting beliefs

law of attraction
Law of Attraction and Limiting Beliefs
How do you ask the universe for what you want?
How do I manifest what I want?
What is the law of attraction and manifestation?

being happy
What it means to feel happy?
What is the fear of being happy?
What is being happy?
How can I just be happy?

stop taking life so seriously
What does it mean to not take yourself too seriously?

the world is a mirror
What is the meaning of life is like a mirror?
life is a mirror
reality mirror
the universe is a mirror of consciousness

parent child talk
child parent talk
father son talk
father boy talk
spiritual talk with a child
improving father son relationships
parent child communication
parental communication
parental child love
child parent love

growing up
good things about growing up

what is a filter
What a filter is?
What does it mean to have a filter?

What are you creating?
perception of reality
creating a vision
eyes wide open
remove blinders

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