Bases Update on Reported attacks and problems Jan 2018

In recent weeks there have been numerous reports of many people being under some kind of attack, esoterically or by an electronic coded technology, via for instance, Project Slammer.
Its another version of Gang Stalking. Solaris Blue Raven showed the way some years ago. Right now Mirjam Janse, a Healer and transformational coach, in Holland, gives a vibrant upbeat solution.
Some therapists themselves have had to pull out of helping people, so we need to take this current situation extremely seriously if we are top help people get through their issues. Others have stated , to “own your crap, and sort it yourself’ Whatever works for you!

As the first upload had the email address misspelt, this is a 2nd edition of the Jan 31st version.

During the Jan 31st 2018 ‘blue moon’ eclipse, clairvoyant, healer and transformational coach Mirjam Janse gives a positive response with fun and happiness, from her studio in Amsterdam. So many Awake people have been incurring serious personal issues, that this update is about that and how to get through this period. The attacks from Project Slammer, that Win Keech exposed is mentioned by Miles.
Many have been getting severe personal attacks, and this is a solution, to help.

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