Practice of Magical Evocation from the Planetary Spheres of our Solar System, Franz Bardon

Practice of Magical Evocation from the Planetary Spheres of our Solar System
Franz Bardon, one of the greatest Hermeticists of all time

Todays Podcast Main points of discussion are

1.What are the Planetary Spheres?
2.What is the Earth Zo
3.Some of the Original Intelligences of the zone girdling the Earth
4.Losimon “Description” Synchro last podcast
5.A book of Formulas, what it contains and how it works
6.Astral Realm, where you first go after death, has many beings apart from that mentioned
7.Elementals, larvae, schemata, phantoms, salamanders, fairies, sylphs, nymphs, undines, gnomes “as fish move about in water, so too do these beings move about in the Astral Realm – Zone Girdling the Earth
Every Element also has a positive and negative in the Astral Realm, which has an effect on this physical plane of existence now.
Activities of Fire and Air elements in the astral sphere call forth the astral electric fluid, the activities and effects of water and earth elements call forth the astral magnetic fluid, spirit beings then use these effects or the causes in our physical world
8.The Akasha Principle of the Astral Sphere maintains harmonious equilibriurm of the elements through the entire astral plsphere.
9.These beings can influence the physical realms thru condensing both electric and magnetic fluids at a very powerful level

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