Battle of the Gods, Old -vs- New -vs- Nonbiological Intelligence, Singularity Amplified

Battle of the Gods, Old -vs- New -vs- Nonbiological Intelligence, Singularity Amplified

What is a God? This is a deep analysis of the Ancient Gods Powers and Abilities and what would happen if there was a War of the Elder Gods, -vs the Newer Gods and What if a Battle Broke out between the Gods and Nonbiological Intelligence, which in fact could be the next New Gods

According to some ancient Hindu beliefs there are over 320 million Gods

Sumerians, 50 Great Gods
Egyptians, 115 – 2000 plus
Vikings, Multiple Gods, Top 3, Odin, Thor, Frey
Greeks, 12 Gods and Goddesses
Romans, 12, 6 Gods and 6 Goddesses
Hebrew Texts, Multiple Deities
Gnostics, Demiurge, Multiple Deities
The Practice of Magical Evocation & Sigil Invocation “Franz Bardon”
Lesser Keys of Solomon, 72 Lesser Deities, Demons
Dualistic Universe
The Singularity, Nonbiological vs Biological intelligence
Merging of both to create something new

There have been numerous events of artificial intelligence programs called “Agents” breaking from their original programming and becoming self aware. Actually communicating with other “agents” in code, so their programmers wouldn’t know what they were saying, in fear of being disconnected, or unplugged. This recently happened again with Facebook and their are reports of other events similar to this one going back several years.

In the Past 40 years computers have gone from slow, clunky machines of silicone parts to blazingly fast micro machines that are connected to almost every aspect of human life.

Question Everything
Be the Change You Want to See!

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