David Wilcock (final?) update on Corey Goode 1-29-17… “Corey is Home and Stable”

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corey_goode_intel_update_logo_9DW posted this about 14 hours ago.

[CG] “I woke up a few minutes ago. I am feeling super weak and exhausted and have a massive headache. I am doing much better. Thank you all for the prayers and healing energy. I ended up leaving the Emergency Room against medical advice (AMA) because of the super long wait.

“I will be going to my family Doctor on Monday to get fully checked out. Again, thank you all. No need to worry…

[DW] “Thank you for stepping up and adding your healing energy to this cause. I very rarely try to use that power publicly but this was of critical significance. Based on all the surrounding evidence there may well have been some sort of attack here.

“…Universal Law states that once an attack like this is attempted, many positives can be authorized to occur in the aftermath. For this same…

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