What’s the Air Force up to? Tweet from 1 : 9… “Join us October 30 at 8 : 30 PM to see something in the skies above the Academy you’ve never seen before”

That’s all it says. I see a saucer craft in there, plus there’s an ET head in the text (although it is not visible in the blog repost of the Tweet, below). Perhaps part of a disclosure scenario? Found in the full version of Ben Fulford’s latest report…

Source: https://kauilapele.wordpress.com/2019/10/21/whats-the-air-force-up-to-tweet-from-10-18-19-join-us-october-30-at-830-pm-to-see-something-in-the-skies-above-the-academy-youve-never-seen-before/

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