1 Hour DNA RNA Codon Activation Mantra WITH AMBIENT MUSIC!

LISTEN TO THIS MANTRA WHEN YOU GO TO BED! I added an ambient song by Anahata called, “Balance”.

Every day, I work on my DNA/RNA using a wide range of practices, including sigils, sound, visuals, energized water, affirmations, mantras, binary code, and meditation.

You can find out more about my exact process in this article, “How Can We Change Our DNA Right Now?”

When I made the original version of this video, I played it before I went on my “Walk of Gratitude”.

On the version I listen to, I looped it over a song by Merlin’s Magic called “Reiki Healing”. I have a sciatica issue on my L3/L4 where the bones are compressed. Normally, I can only walk for about 15 minutes before I have to squat down and stretch my back. While listening to this mantra, I walked the entire beach (over an hour) without any pain or having to stop. When I reached the end of the island, I decided to power walk on my way back, to see how quickly I could make it. It took 45 minutes to get back and once again, NO PAIN and NO STOPPING!

UPDATE: This happened again on my Walk of Gratitude, yesterday!

I couldn’t help but think that it’s attributed to listening to this mantra. While on my walk, I would primarily focus on the mantra, but occasionally, I would envision that my DNA/RNA has reverted back to when I was a healthy 12 or 13 years old. I envisioned my body healing and regenerating back to its healthy template.

I’m a Stage 3 cancer survivor, but even after beating cancer in 2007, beating the sciatica pain is a greater miracle because the cancer wasn’t painful, sciatic is.

Feel free to use this for your mantra. Also, you may want to record it in your own voice, or add (or subtract) something to it to make it your own.

I use Mixcraft 3 (it’s an older version of Mixcraft) to record, loop, and overlay the mantra onto music.

Lastly, please let me know in the comment section what results YOU have while listening to this!

Sending you all infinite love and light,


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