Bases 24 – 9 James Casbolt Early Missions

This focuses on the early missions, 2007-2009, of the James Casbolt “crew”, one of whom was present at the JFK assassination ordered by Nixon, Lyndon Johnson, and George Bush. He is only visible briefly as he kept from the camera as in this video a stone circle not far from Balmoral Castle was part of one of the Casbolt-Gridkeeper and Sohail team’s missions.
This material has been shot by Duncan and Sohail to record their missions. The end of the this part has the first official confirmation of the Bases One Barry King AL-499 base under Peasemore.
That video was ordered to be taken down by Mi5, as it shows in dark murky video of a TR3B-alpha Secret Space Program (SSP) and Abduction craft, at Peasemore sent to welcome the team after finding te Peasdemore Bases mentioned by Barry King 1993.

… Duncan has discussed this already at Bases , as has James who described this event prior to his planned jailing.
James is due for release in mid 2019.

The issue involving Sohail has been described on other Bases videos and updates in 2018
The researcher should note that including a close confidant to John F Kennedy, and an advisor to the CIA while in his teens, is in this video..if only in murky night vision. This should establish the level at which Casbolt, Sohail and Davis have been operating. The British and US Supersoldier program has failed., But Rifat offers a solution.

The drawing in the titles is by Barry King, its a Stage 2 Programmed Generated Life Form, PGLF, bred at the Peasemore base. IVF treatment was invented to make these beings, and for Britain’s Lunar Bases

The plan is to get a better encoding of the files from 2007. if possible.

The original upload by Gridkeeper of the TR3B material was ordered down by Mi5, who made an attempt to recruit part of the Casbolt team….This is its first re-upload so far as I understand.

Severe coding errors are in the original Gridkeeper AVI files, shutting down the computers, so these versions are MP4’s, so hopefully not too many codec issues and pixel errors are present on this re-upload in 2019
View on YouTube

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