Don’t Believe in Life After Death?? You Might After Seeing This!

Can a loving relationship survive death itself? The experience of Anne and Whitley Strieber triumphantly says that it can. After her
near-death experience in 2004, Anne became an expert afterlife researcher. Years before, she was the first person to discover that there was a connection between the close encounter experience and contact with the dead. Barely two hours after her passing, Anne began carrying out a plan of reconnecting with Whitley that
has become one of the best documented cases of afterlife communication in history. In this presentation Whitley tells the story of this, the greatest experienceof his life, and shares with
you the wisdom Anne has communicated from the nonphysical world.

This is among the most convincing stories of afterlife communication ever told, and is a ringing endorsement not only of the fact that we do not die, but also that the power of love can create an actual bridge between the physical and nonphysical worlds.
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