Tom Delonge UFO Disclosure and the Deep State Scenarios

A good look at the current theories in Ufological circles that Tom DeLonge and the To The Stars Academy are agents of a “deep state” that wishes to manipulate Ufology, or expectations concerning UFOs, for the benefit of a secret cabal of government insiders.

Recent discussions at MUFON suggesting that the disclosure event of December, 2017 in the New York Times and elsewhere represent an operation designed to prepare the United States for martial law will be addressed as well. This will provide the groundwork for a look at the history of modern conspiracy theories and their relationship to Ufology and how Ufological circles are being manipulated by the theories themselves. Levenda is the author of a number of works on historical conspiracies and conspiracy theory, and is the coauthor, with Tom DeLonge, of Sekret Machines: Gods, the first volume of a non-fiction trilogy.
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