Strangest Unexplained Alien Encounters Ever, They Are NOT Not From Earth!

How well do you know the UFO phenomenon? Perhaps not as well as you think. This presentation focuses on the weirder and more unusual side of UFOs–the cases that defy the standard model of contact, the cases that many UFO investigators don’t like to talk about. The evidence presented here will change the way you feel about UFOs:
• People who have received phone calls from ETs.
• What happens if you shoot at a UFO?
• Abductions in which people have seen “Alien Zoos.”
• Why are UFOs hovering over graveyards?
• What is the alien-clown connection?
• Proof that aliens are mining are metals.
• Are UFOs shrinking people?
• Cases of people who receive alien artifacts.
• UFOs and Rockets: The ETs are monitoring our space program.
• Abductions observed by outside witnesses.
• The alien bigfoot connection.
• UFOs Investigator’s Disease: when UFO researchers become investigated by UFOs.
• Cases in which shipwreck castaways are saved by UFOs.
• Can we contact UFOs with a Ouija board?
• Do aliens make mistakes? Hint: Yes!
• Cases of abductees taken into the engine room of UFO and taught how to build a UFO engine.

And much more! The UFO phenomenon is stranger than most people realize. This presentation will show you how truly strange it can be.
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