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Today’s Article:
To find out what EACH frequency means, please read this article:
High Pitched Frequencies And What They Mean –

Today started out in C Major (Root chakra) and moved into D Major (Sacral chakra) and then transitioned into G Major (Throat chakra), where it currently resides for the time being.

If you look at the chord structure of these frequencies you get:

C Major (Root) = C,E,G,B,E  (Root, Solar Plexus, Throat,Crown) This is interesting because it basically covers every other chakra.

D Major (Sacral) = D,A,D,F# (Sacral, 3rd Eye, Heart/Throat). This is equally as interesting as it covers the chakras that the C Major missed.

G Major (Throat) = G,B,D,C,D,G (Throat, Crown, Sacral, Root). This chord has a beautiful balance of upper level and lower level chakras.

What we’re seeing is a perfect balance of high pitched frequencies today.  With the C Major and D Major are the first two lower level chakras.  The root chakra gives us a connection to Mother Earth while the sacral chakra ties into our emotional bodies, creativity, and sensuality. The G Major is telling us to speak our truths.

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