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High Pitched Frequencies And What They Mean –
Not surprisingly, my FB Live feed was cut off twice during this broadcast.
B MAJOR (Crown Chakra) – Strongly colored, announcing wild passions, composed from the most glaring colors. Anger, rage, jealousy, fury, despair and every burden of the heart lies in its sphere.
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I was alerted by a follower on our In5D FB page that she hasn’t seen ANYTHING on my personal page since November 7th. When I did the FB Live beach report this morning, only a handful of people showed up when normally, these videos get between 1,000-11,000+ views.

I went back and looked at the total number of views and they correlated with the woman who told me she hasn’t seen anything on my personal page since the 6th.

This is my latest letter to FB Support as of this morning:

Hi Jon,

It’s getting worse every day. Now, my personal page is also getting throttled/blocked. I just received this message on my In5D FB page from a follower who asked, “Kelly Frost: I am wondering if you are still posting on your personal page? I haven’t seen anything since the 7th…am missing your beach/water updates.”

I’ve posted 54 times since the 7th and she hasn’t seen any of them.

I noticed something similar. On the 6th, my beach update video got 11,000 views. Only 4 people tuned in LIVE to my daily beach report yesterday when normally, there are at least 30-50+ people. Since the 7th, no beach update video has more than 233 views.

A woman commented on my personal page under the beach report video and stated the following:

“Natasha Elisa Lloyd · 0:00 Haven’t received live notifications for you for a couple days.”

I did a FB Live this past evening and usually get between 60-100+ viewers. Tonight, maybe 12 or so.

Here are the amount of views my beach updates are receiving:

Oct 21st – 3.4k
22nd – 4.9k
23rd – 3k
24th – 930
25th – 3k
26th – 5.8k
27th – 694
28th – 3.7k
29th – 1.1k
30th – 3.6k
31st – 1k

Nov 1st – 501
2nd – 3.6k
3rd – no report
4th – no report
5th – no report
6th – 11k
7th – 224 (not even showing up on my page)
8th – 216
9th – 233
10th – 208
11th – 198
12th – 201
13th – 200
14th – 205
15th – 175
16th – 123

When Kelly Frost stated she hasn’t seen anything since November 7th, the number of views on the beach update videos show the same correlation.

Am I being shadow banned?

Looking forward to some answers…

Thanks again for your help, Jon!

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