News hints at Terrorist Attack & Hurricanes Stalling the Elections, Heidi Vandenberg, Multiple layers of protection utilizing end to end encryption protocols, the security goes were you go, you can access your safe bolt cloud on your desktop, laptop or mobile device Server Side Encryption End-to-End Encryption Brute-Force Prevention Secure Password Policy File Access Control
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Heidi Uses Vedic Astrology with Sidereal Zodiac that Spans Tens of Thousands of Years from Ancient India.
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Our elections are wide-open for a constitutional crisis, Washington Post Headline, Heidi Vandenberg Joins us for Live Vedic Star Chart Analysis and readings for Live Listeners.
What do we do if a national election is disrupted? What would have happened if Hurricane Michael Hit Florida just a few weeks later, it could disrupt the Entire State’s Election Process. possibility of more dangerous storms in the coming month this raises a much broader problem: There is no Plan B to take the impact into account if a national election is disrupted.
This issue is one that has been raised many times after 9/11, when it became clear there was no meaningful plans to ensure continuity of government in the event of a terrorist attack

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