Doomsday Cycles, Elliot Wave Cycle & Revelation Break Down – Bradley Gudgeon

Markets Tank 90%, Then War, Expert, Elliot Wave, Cycle Theorist & Former Stock Broker Bradley Gudgeon
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Mr Gudgeon Reached out to me the other day via email. The guests opinions and theories do not necessarily reflect that of myself or Leak Project.

Time Cycle, every 83/84 years. Cyclical Events linked to Weather, Grand Solar Minimum, Money Markets and the Rise and Fall of Civilizations around the World. Micro Communities will be very important in times of extreme weather and logistics break downs.

EMAIL Sent from (Bradley Ray Gudgeon.
Hello, i’m a Market timer, former stock broker, Elliott Wave and Cycle theorist, musician, songwriter, singer, historian, Christian and eschatologist.
Studying Elliott Wave/ Cycle Theory since the 1980’s. What I’m seeing ahead is alarming. If Elliott was right about his Theory, we are due to crash all the way to the Oct 1990 low near S&P 500 “295” down more than 90%. The cycles suggest somewhere around 2023 +/- for the bottom and a top between 2019-21.
My eschatological interpretations don’t agree with a lot of Christians, but I’m not writing to argue interpretation, I’m writing because I’m concerned about the socio-political crisis dead ahead.
My new venture, Eagles Over America, is about forming communities around the world and getting ready for the crisis and war just ahead.
I would love to network with you and help each other out to make a difference in the world.)

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