Ep. 926 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Chance Gardner : Secrets of Magical Egypt : LIVE

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Tonight we are going to talk about the Magical Egypt Online Symposium that is going on from October 1st thru October 11th, 2018… Almost two straight weeks of the best guests, including Laird Scranton, Rick Strassman, Chris Dunn, Ed Edward Nightingale and many more!

Chance Gardner is a multi-award-winning graphic designer, 3d animator, cinematographer and editor. After a 20 year career producing motion graphics and on-air promo for major tv networks including 20th Century Fox, Paramount Studios and NBC/Universal, he retired from television in 2001 to make documentaries.

His first documentary “Magical Egypt” became a cult classic and is still in wide circulation around the world. After 15 years, Gardner has returned to the Magical Egypt project to produce the much anticipated Magical Egypt series 2, which features the iconic personalities from the original ME, plus a new generation of researchers and unorthodox thinkers, all united by a common fascination with the unexplained mysteries of the past.

Air date: October 2, 2018
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