Bases 89 Part 1 Tannyoky ET Encounter

Northern Ireland’s virtually unknown UFO history is exploding. In Bases 89 Part 1 we have a daylight ET encounter on the Tannyoky Rd.

Further reports by Carl Nalley and Dermot Butler, and the NiUfoS multiple ET and Sheep and Cattle mutilation attacks in the Sperrins,(western moutains in Northern Ireland) and this in broad daylight ET encounter a couple of years ago.

An Et in the middle of the road, in south Armagh. This is the first public interview with Arfon Jones, a welshman who came to Northern Ireland many years ago. While driving in bright sunshine he almost ran over this 6ft plus “ET”. Even Google had a UFO in their database for some years before it was removed, shown here.

BBC Northern Ireland have 3 shows coming out shortly (Nov 2018). One on the Northern Ireland Ufo Society, and thanks to them we have this report.
View on YouTube

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