Anything is Possible! The Healers are waking up! Reconnecting with Star Family!

What happened this last week in Michigan reminds me of one of my favorite videos by Bashar. If you believe anything is possible, you are open and ready for the magic of the universe to support you in ways your mind could not have imagined.
Thanks Kenny, Carrie and Wayne!!!

I had to sit in a Diner for 7 hours to upload this video. How come every place I go there is no internet 🙂

I will be continuing to travel through more states facilitating Reconnections so if you are interested in your own personal Reconnection you can email me at

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Everyday Masters

Higher self, non-physical self, trusting yourself, limited beliefs, nonlimiting beliefs

#awakethreads #awake #awakening #synchronicities #frequencies #222 #333 #444 #555 #1111
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