Siesta key Beach Update September 20 2018 w/ Kerri Sanders – The Event and Light Language

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Today I was joined by Kerri Ann Sanders who gave an awesome message about when the event will take place. She also added light language while I was pouring the ozone/alkaline water into the Gulf of Mexico. The water looked a little better here, but further south on the beach, it was darker. It looks like the currents are bringing the red tide away from Siesta Key beach right now. There were no pelicans and a few terns, but neither were diving for minnows. There is a slight smell of dead fish in the air and the winds appeared to be coming from the WNW.

We’ve all seen event dates come and go, and even Kerri stated that this may only occur within her own immediate reality, but this was the information she was given to share with others, so I’m passing it along to you.

Ultimately, WE can bring the event to us through thoughts and intentions. My intention is for these dates to come to fruition.

Kerri’s FB page:

Kerri’s Quirly Cosmo FB page:

Kerri’s YouTube channel:
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