Gigantic Anunnaki Space Ships Recorded Around the Sun? You Decide

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Forbidden Knowledge YouTube Channel Shares Dozens of LASCO and Other Images of Anomalies Around the Sun, that look very similar to the Anunnaki Descriptions, etched in Sumerian Tablets and thru other Cultures of the Winged Disk and often time Anu, Enlil, Enki on the Winged Disk, or is it a Space Craft. The Sumerian Tablets said the First Kingship descended from Heaven. In the King James Bible it says the Elohim created Man in their image. The KJV adapted and translated the Old Testament from Hebrew Scriptures, which many of those were adapted from the Sumerian Culture, which took the stories of the Aratta Civilization. So they say.
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Forbidden Knowledge YouTube Channel

LASCO Imaging

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