#TrueTube.co on LNM Network: A Magazine Format News & Education Show with Alfred Lambremont Webre

#TrueTube.co on LNM Network: A Magazine Format News & Education Show with Alfred Lambremont Webre [90 sec.]
WATCH TRAILER NOW: https://youtu.be/3-5iSgE3AdI

Multi-dimensional News & Education Show – Starting Sept. 17, 2018 Monday nights 6pmPST/7pm MTN/8pm CST/ 9pmEST/ 2amBST-UK

Alternating Co-Hosts Seven [UK], Alfred Lambremont Webre [Canada] & Sienna Lea [Ecuador] on the LNM Network based in Washington, DC USA

Listen to Live Show: https://ift.tt/2QzCSrP
Watch Live Stream Show: http://www.youtube.com/ExopoliticsTV

Washington, DC – Three multi-dimensional talk show hosts from 3 networks in 3 different countries on 3 continents are converging in a singular syndicated News & Education program alternating every Monday night at 6pm PST/9pm EST/2amBST on the LNM Network focusing on multi-dimensional topics including:
• Consciousness & Soul Development
• PsiSciences & ExoSciences
• ExoPolitics & the Omniverse

Cohost Seven [UK] of Soulutionaries Media Network is a UK talk show host, accomplished musician, composer & arranger, Concept Designer, Innovator of TV programs such as Dancing with the Stars & record-breaking UK High Court award-winning pro se litigant who was a distinguished guest speaker on Intellectual Property Rights before the International Council of Jurists.

Cohost Alfred Lambremont Webre of TrueTube.co is a Canada-based talk show host, author, founder of the science of Exopolitics, discoverer of the Omniverse, who produced the Instant of Cooperation as first live radio program in history between the Soviet Union [Russia] and the United States. Alfred has been host on WBAI-FM (New York) and Vancouver Coop Radio and has been featured on major international networks including CBC-TV, CBS-TV, CNN-TV, TruTV, PressTV, and others. Omniversity, an online learning environment on the Omniverse, is launching its Fall/Winter 2018-19 Semester at https://ift.tt/1BuIAyb
Cohost Sienna Lea of Zero Point Consortium is an Ecuador-based radio talk show host formerly with Truth Frequency Radio and is founder of RiseMultiversity.org, a global education & research project created in response to the challenge of reclaiming what is Sacred with our Mother Planet. Sienna coordinated the Stop 5G Summit that is part of growing global awareness led to Mill Valley, CA and other communities reassessing and blocking genocidal 5G phones & Internet of Things that are being deployed as part of an intentional depopulation plan.
Facebook Page: https://ift.tt/2QEeNjB

LNM Network Affiliates:

High Point Radio 100.5 of New Jersey and broadcast in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and West Virginia 1620am; WCET 101.7 Columbia South Carolina, KOY 1230 in Phoenix, Arizona, ITunes, Twitch, YouTube, Neely Worldwide Publishing, Neely Productions Inc., Open Eyes Network, Daily Motion, Talk Stream Live, Paranormal Radio and streamed/ re-streamed via various other outlets all over the world via the internet. Syndicated on KYAH 540AM – Utah’s Talk Authority
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