Todays Breaking Headlines, Flesh Earting STD’s Spreading – Air Leak in ISS & Trump Might Fire WHO

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Serious Sam Fills in at Leak Project. Breaking Headlines,
‘Flesh-eating’ STD allegedly reported in England

Striking photo shows a member of Trump’s entourage blocking a news photographer’s camera lens during a rally in Indiana

What Happens When Facebook Mistakenly Blocks Local News Stories

Astronauts tackle air leak on International Space Station

‘I had gender reassignment surgery at 81’

India winking song: Actress not blasphemous, court rules

Wisconsin boy rescued from sewer after firefighter spots his finger poking out of manhole

Goats get human feelings and prefer happy faces: Study

Monkey escapes zoo, flees to McDonald’s

Trump threatens to pull US out of World Trade Organization

*Satire, Entertainment News
*Disclaimer, i’m a conspiracy theorist.

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