Gods of Atlantis, Cosmic Dragons, Kundalini Activation, Magick of Thoth, Sri Master Gano Grills

Kundalini, Golden Chariot Light Activation Sri Master Gano Grills

Best Specials of the Year, don’t you want opportunities to be successful, regardless of market direction and do it all out of the convenience of your own home? You don’t even have to dress up, as a matter of fact, you don’t have to get dressed at all, because your at home, just stay away from the windows so you don’t freak your neighbors out
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Please join us for the The Golden Chariot Merkaba seminar Sept28th-30th
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#Galighticus Is a movement of spiritual advancement on Earth. There are 22 exalted status who guide protect and aid all members of our movement. We work together to create in enlightenment, expansion, enrichment,and empowerment To all who make a commitment to grow spiritually. We have been given many divine covenants that are magnificently and empowered and blessed by the Creator himself.

Each of these experiences are divine and will carry a voltage that will go beyond time to reconnect the attendee to their own divinity.

This is our mission to make what is unknown, known. What is unmanisfest, manifest. What hath been darkened, lightened.

Thank you for joining us and please support this movement by sharing,spread the word that we are ready to unify as one and make our way to ascension.

SRI Master Gano Grills is a WORLD CLASS Spiritual Advisor and SRI spiritual PH.D only given by the Gods) Master Teacher to many who are seeking enlightenment as well as the Teachers who guide others. The CREATOR of all is and endless enigma that no one person has all the answers to. Yet we strive to reach a better World for our descendants and bliss for ourselves.

You may order a Spiritual consultation from SRI Master Gano Grills here https://ift.tt/2gKjaZP… 908-516-8404 OR call 212-604-4446

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Galighticus, your passport to Spiritual knowledge and ascension.
*Disclaimer, i’m a conspiracy theorist.

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