Russia Dumping the US Dollar & Holding Biggest Military Drill In History – Latest

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Russia to hold its biggest war games since the Cold War
Russia will next month hold its biggest war game since 1981, with around 300,000 troops and 1,000 aircraft, the defense minister said Tuesday. The Vostok-2018 exercises will be carried out from September 11 to 15 in the country’s east with the participation of China and Mongolia.

“This will be something of a repeat of Zapad-81, but in some senses even bigger,” Sergei Shoigu said of the 1981 war games in Eastern Europe, in comments reported by Russian news agencies.

Vostok-2018 Largest Russian Military Drill Since 1981 – Wasn’t that about the height of the cold war?

Revelation Trumpet 1 Trump/Pence First Term has Started. Also what is the Mark of the Beast, in Revelation? How soon will that be rolled out via mandatory?

*Disclaimer, i’m a conspiracy theorist.

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