Planet 9, Planet X, Pole Shift, Grand Solar Minimum, NASA, Rocket Scientist, Greg Allison

Is Planet 9 A Neutron Star? TRAPPIST-1 System Harboring Type II Civilization? NASA Sun Probe, Space Travel, Binary Star Systems, Red & Brown Dwarf Stars, Neutron Stars, Black Holes, Singularity, Andromeda Galaxy Colliding with the Milky Way, Pole Shift, Extra Terrestrials, Securing the Earths Energy Grid, Weather Modification, Grand Solar Minimum, Jupiter’s New Moon Discoveries, Nemesis, Nibiru and More are discussed in this epic Podcast with Greg Allison, a Contractor for NASA, Rocket Scientist, Wormhole Generator, Santa Clause Doppleganger and Really Cool Guy. Mr Allison also offers Wormhole Generators to the Public, Click the Link Below

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