Human Hybridization Program – Elizabeth April, Testimony of a Long Term Abductee – Tall Whites

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The Human Hybridization Program – Will Humanity As We Know It Survive? Elizabeth April Discusses her abduction experiences, with Tall Whites, Greys and when she was chipped. Her incredible abilities to download information from the Akashic Records, Seeing Energy Fields and Auras, Higher Vibration Thought Forms, More, Check out her site
Excerpt from At the age of 18 I was consciously abducted by aliens. Yup, that’s right, I said it… Aliens. Up until that point I had never really considered the existence of aliens, there was no need to. I mean, I figured there was something more out there… I just didn’t think I’d be face to face with them!

After the abduction I first had to come to terms with the fact that “Aliens actually do exist”. Then I had to accept through my own experience that not only do they exist, but they are here on Earth. It wasn’t until I began having very vivid flashbacks and recall of myself as one of these alien beings where I finally broke through last last layer of this reality. I had to once and for all, accept myself as one of these inter-dimensional beings.

This new found knowledge somehow reawakened my DNA, my psychic and clairvoyant/channelling abilities came back in extremes. I started astral traveling, lucid dreaming, reading minds and talking to inter-dimensional beings in my bedroom. This life, for me, would never be the same.

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