AFTERTHOUGHTS #5 July 2018 – BIZARRE Voice Change, The Event Predictions & MORE!

I’m currently uploading a new Afterthoughts video which should be available shortly. Something really BIZARRE happened that I didn’t notice until after I finished the video. When I was watching it to recap the video, the sound goes blank for a couple seconds, then my voice changes into a much deeper voice. This has never happened before. My “regular” voice hasn’t changed at all but it was such a bizarre difference that it blew me away! You’ll hear the change within the first 5 minutes of the video.
In this video, I’ll be talking about new In5D Patreon Giveways, “The Event” predictions, leaky ears, compass anomalies, and much more. I’ll also be giving my qualified Patreon followers of $11.11 or more two special oracle card readings from my Goddess Guidance Oracle cards (Doreen Virtue) and The Spirit Messages Daily Guidance Oracle Deck (John Holland). I’m SURE these messages will reach those who need to hear them!
Also, there are some very interesting energies going on right now. Last night, I was up until 6:30AM this morning. After sleeping for about 4 hours, I took another 4 hour nap this afternoon, so it looks like I’ll be up all night tonight as well.
How are your sleep patterns lately???

Sending you all infinite LOVE & LIGHT!

Gregg Prescott
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