Global Bankers Dumping Billions Into Gold Fearing Major Market Correction

Collin Plume a Top US Broker is joining us today to discuss the latest market news.
From Newsmax , Two months ago, we hosted a conference featuring 25 world-famous asset managers, investment experts, and economists who discussed their economic outlook and predictions. Big names like “bond king” Jeff Gundlach, David Rosenberg, Louis Gave, and others.
Most of the time these speakers usually don’t talk much about gold. They’re more concerned and concentrated with stocks, funds, bonds,etc.. This year was extremely different – The article goes on to say”I’ve never seen so many high-profile investors mention gold as a safety net—and that includes some who were previously hard-core gold bears.
Unfortunately, the reason is not a happy one. All these “in the know” people are very worried about the direction the markets are taking.”

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