clif high, Giants, Pyramids in Antarctica, Electric Universe, Upcoming Ice Age, Planet 9

Mr clif high will be on the program to discuss the Latest Alta Report, Kilauea Volcano, its implications, is there a Astrological Body effecting the Earths Core, Why did the Earths rotation mysteriously slow down last year? Will 2018 be a year of extreme weather events? Will Planet 9 and Possibly Planet X be visible? What about Chan Thomas and his Essay’s that postulate a release of grey matter every several thousand years that create a series of global events, so catastrophic, nearly the entire world population becomes extinct and has to start over. What bout Bitcoin and other Crypto Coins? Join us Live at Noon Central time. Be the change you want to see!

Uncle clif and the latest Alta Report

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Planet 9 May be Tilting the Sun

Live Footage, Kilauea Volcano Lava Covering Wells at Geothermal Plant & Last Years Warning of Major Uptick EQ’s for 2018 – Over 4000 Earthquakes on Big Island past 30 days.

Earth Rotation Slowing Down, Experts Predict Uptick in EQ’s for 2018

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